VAT - Frequently asked questions

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  1. VAT (Value Added Tax) is an indirect tax which was introduced across Kingdom of Bahrain with effect from 1st January 2019 with the standard rate currently 5%

  2. Our non-life insurance products will be subject to VAT at the standard rate of 5% or zero- rate, Life Insurance will be exempt from VAT

  3. Where VAT is applicable, VAT will be charged in addition to your final insurance premium and the total amount (inclusive of VAT) will need to be paid by the policy holder to RSA

  4. Yes, RSA is VAT registered with effect from 01st July 2019 and our VAT registration number is 200020020000002. Our certificate of registration can be viewed below

  5. Where applicable, RSA will collect the VAT from policy holders for the insurance services provided and will remit this amount to the Bahrain’s National Bureau of Revenue (NBR)

  6. VAT will apply on existing policies that span over 1 July 2019, new policies and renewals

  7. Where applicable, Yes, RSA being a taxable person RSA will be issuing Tax Invoices in the format complying with NBR guidelines along with the policy documents 

  8. As per the VAT Law and VAT Executive Regulations published by NBR, VAT will also be due on policies issued prior to RSA’s VAT registration date, but only for the portion of premium earned after this date

  9. Yes, if the VAT and premium amounts are, RSA will refund the VAT and premium amounts on a pro-rata basis