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I own my home
I rent my home
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Purpose of Insurance

Insuring your Contents

Contents include all household goods and items within your home, such as furniture, electronics, rugs, art, and valuables. It also includes basic items like linens, curtains, clothes, make-up, CDs and similar items.

Insuring your Possessions

Personal belongings are items that you take out of the home, such as laptops, mobile phones, digital cameras, jewellery, sunglasses, MP3 players, clothing, luggage and handbags. We will cover them for accidental loss and damage wherever you take them-worldwide.

Declaration by insured (Please read carefully):

In addition to any other details supplied to the insurers I , the undersigned, also declare that all the details outlined in this proposal are an integral part of the proposed home insurance policy and are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.