UK’s Strangest Car Insurance Claims

11 Aug, 2013 | 0 Comments

UK’s Strangest Car Insurance Claims

The number of cars out on the roads today has multiplied immensely in the past decade or so. And with an increasing number of vehicles come an increasing number of motor insurance claims as well.

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Some genuine and some downright bizarre! Keeping in mind the anonymity of customers, here is a light-hearted look at some of the UK''''''''s weirdest car insurance claims.

  1. Animals gone wild

    Animals rank highly amongst the most bizarre reasons for claims made by motorists. This includes a car being kicked by a camel in a garden centre car park and a windscreen that was shattered after an “angry” squirrel hurled a nut at it. One particular motorist even claimed that his bonnet was damaged after a horse decided to “sit” on it.

  2. Blame it on carelessness

    While many motorists often blame a third party for the cause of their claims, some claims occur largely as a result of not paying enough attention to their vehicles or when driving on the roads. Of particular note, is a driver who managed to fill her tank with shampoo after mistaking it for a container of petrol!!! To top it all off, one particular motorist blamed his car crash on a pile of decomposing carrots which caused him to skid and lose control of the vehicle.

  3. Shocker stalker

    If it wasn’t the animals on the road or the carelessness of the person in question, a few have gone the extra mile by citing reasons of being caught completely off guard. One such memorable claim includes a car that was damaged as a result of a pedestrian jumping on to the bonnet before climbing up the roof and down the car before running away. To top it all off is a gentleman who was completely caught off guard at the sight of four beautiful women walking along the pavement causing him to hit the car in the front!!!

While the claims above are funny to read and share with friends, such claims only point at the fact that accidents do happen on the roads and the right car insurance policy will go a long way to ensure the safety of you and your family. Get an online car insurance quote to get started.

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