Top tips for Creating a Green Home

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Top tips for Creating a Green Home

The world in which we live is our home which makes it a must for us to do everything we can to preserve its natural resources and decrease our carbon footprint. Our homes, and everything in them, need to be eco-friendly, green conscious and equipped with sustainable technology that reduces our energy consumption and helps us, reuse, reduce and recycle effectively.

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Our homes and everything in it must also be protected. This is why responsible, conscientious homeowners will opt to be responsible for both their own carbon footprint, as well as protecting their valuables, family members and guests from any unforeseen situations that may arise.

Here are our top 10 tips to make your home a greener one:

Optimise temperatures

Always run your air conditioning and heating on the optimum temperature settings. In most situations, 24 degrees celsius for your air condition is considered optimum. This will save you money; increase longevity of the appliance and most importantly conserve fuel and electricity, keeping your home green.

Grow plants indoors
A great way to go green is by actually growing plants indoors. What this does is that it increases the supply of oxygen indoors and absorbs carbon dioxide. Having plants indoors also breaks the monotony of any room and gives it a warmer, livelier and friendlier vibe.

Ban smoking indoors
Cigarette smoke greatly increases the presence of carbon monoxide in the air, causing breathing problems among adults and children. Banning smoking indoors for everyone, including guests, or refraining from smoking in the home is a great way of going green and preserving your health.

Switch to LED lighting
LED lights are a bit more expensive than conventional bulbs, but give out brighter light, while using less electricity. Adopting LED lighting reduces our dependence on electricity and also helps save money on lighting bills.

Use appliances efficiently
You can save tens of litres of water if you wait an extra day for a full load in your washer. Similarly, unplugging, or turning off appliances from the power sources, rather than leaving them on standby, can help save electricity. Getting appliances serviced on time and ensuring that they are running at optimum efficiency will ensure that you save money and are more energy efficient!

Let the sunlight in
Do not use artificial lighting when not required. Open the doors and windows and let the sunlight in. What this does is that it reduces your dependence on electricity, and also brightens up your day.

Use eco friendly DIY cleaners
Clorox, bleach, phenols and other artificial cleaners get swept off by water and carried out to the sea, thereby polluting the ocean. Always ensure that you clean your home with eco-friendly, DIY cleaners such as baking soda, lemon juice and vinegar.

Compost kitchen scraps
All the biodegradable waste from your kitchen, including fruit and vegetable peels, packing paper and the like ought to be composted. A convenient little compost pile in the garden and you are left with natural fertiliser which can be used in your all natural, kitchen garden.

Use water wisely
From bathing to watering your plants, ensure that you use water wisely. While bathing, use two buckets of water, instead of the shower. Wash your clothes only once you’ve a full load and water your garden at a fixed time either in the morning or the evening.

Grow your own garden
Put on your straw hat and go organic. Grow your own vegetables and fruits, while using compost and organic fertilisers to nurture them.

These top 10 tips will help you go green and save you a ton of money. As always, we look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments section below.

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