Top family summer destinations

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Top family summer destinations

Travelling is the best present you, as parents, can give your children. Exposing them to new cultures and experiences and creating beautiful memories that will last them a lifetime. There is no greater joy in exploring new destinations with your children! But with an entire globe full of destinations out there, a little research on where to take your kids next would help. 

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Let your kids’ wildest dreams come alive at Orlando. Watch the classic princess wave at you and castles tower above you at Walt Disney World, sip butterbeer at Hogsmeade or let a wand choose you Ollivander’s at the Islands of Adventures Wizarding World of Harry Potter, duck and weave through the 360 degree 3-D movie- Turtle Trek at SeaWorld or visit Lego land for numerous rides and shows. There are other activities to engage the families like go-karting, riding hot air balloons, playing golf, etc. Although, once you set foot in the above mentioned places, the fascination takes over the adults and the kids alike and you’ll end up realizing that age is just a number!

With beaches, volcanoes and national park, experience splashing fun, erupting joy and overall, a wild vacation at Maui! The beach offers a range of activities like scuba diving, kayaking, boogie boarding, wind surfing, parasailing and snorkeling alongside sea turtles. Explore East Maui’s mesmerizing coastline from the Hana highway, amaze at the world’s largest dormant volcano- Haleakala, discover the gurgling streams and stunning waterfalls at the Haleakala National Park or just lounge at one of the beaches. Add in culture with the likes of former tribal battlegrounds and Maui becomes the most entertaining teacher to your kid and your partner in good times.

San Francisco
The view of the city from the Twin peaks or the view of infamous Alcatraz Island from the Fisherman’s Wharf, the glorious sunsets at the Golden Gate Bridge or sunning by the sea lions on the bay, San Francisco has something to for everyone for every minute that you’re there. It pleases the eyes with jaw-dropping sights and the palate with eye-popping cuisines. A smorgasbord of cultures, a visit to Mission district, The Haight and The Castro will show you all different kinds of lifestyle, but for a quintessential one, just hop into a cable car. It’s a place where a stroll along the Marina or seeing a baseball game also turns out to be legendary experience.

London is a place where times meet, or, where the BEST of times meet! The two millennia old city brims with much more than you can capture in one summer. Experience the Notting Hill carnival in August for a dose of jubilance, explore the 700 species of animals at the London Zoo or check out the exhibits like the Gorilla Kingdom and Giants of the Galapagos. Explore horseback riding, tennis and historical events at Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, St. James's Park or just simply have a picnic. Here, the tea culture and Starbucks exist alongside and Shakespearean dialogues and rock music are sung with equal passion. Also leading in the fashion industry, the shopping scene is to die for. Just keep taking in whatever the culture offers next, from museums to a rock concert and you’ll leave London feeling enriched.

With museums, amusement parks, historical sites and more, a vacation in Denmark is a complete package of laughter, awe and fun learning. Take a ride at the heart throbbing Tivoli Gardens with roller coasters, live music and fireworks or skip a beat at the Legoland’s Haunted House with ghosts and vampires. Sigh at the fascinating Copenhagen Zoo or scream in delight at the Faarup Sommerland amusement park. Visit the oldest functioning observatory in Europe- the Round Tower, meet more that 2000 animals at the Odense Zoo, the Madsby Play Park, various art museums and more. In Denmark, you won’t find a single dull moment.
These are some of the best destinations to chill out with your family, this summer. However, these being popular destinations, attracts thousands of visitors. So the necessary arrangements and reservations need to be made beforehand. Also, it is very essential to have travel insurance, as it will act as your safety net in the event of any unforeseen incidents during the trip.

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