Top Destinations to Travel with Your Kids

19 Jul, 2016 | 0 Comments

Top Destinations to Travel with Your Kids

As parents, travelling is the best present you can give your children, exposing them to new cultures and experiences creating beautiful everlasting memories. There is no greater joy than exploring new destinations with your children. With an entire globe full of marvelous destinations, here are few which your kids will absolutely love.

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Dinosaur Valley Park, USA
This one’s a real treat for the kids! On the bed of the Paluxy River that runs here, are the tracks left by dinosaurs millions of years of ago. Take your kids to the Dinosaur Valley State Park to show them a truly awesome piece of history. Go hike up to the river and camp there while you swim and fish in the river and keep an eye out for some great wildlife spotting! You can also explore the park on horseback! If you’re looking to bring your kids closer to nature and have them appreciate a true mark of history, this is the place to take them!

Legoland, Denmark
Bringing kids and Lego together is always a great idea. Located in Billund, Legoland is the ultimate dream vacation for any kid. The children have plenty of room to relax and have a blast with all the Lego they can dream of playing with. There are different Lego universes around every corner and the kids have plenty of opportunity to meet everything from cowboys to pirates and Indians! Apart from Lego-fun, there are various rides and games for additional entertainment too! With a variety of entertainment options sorted out for your kids, all you have to do is sit back and relax!

Lapland, Finland
Witnessing the gorgeous Northern Lights is a truly thrilling experience for everyone irrespective of their ages and with kids, you can be assured the experience will be an absolute hit. Lapland, located in Finland is the absolute place to be to show your children a superb, almost fairy tale type of experience. Rent a glass ceilinged igloo in the frosty planes of Lapland and watch the way your kids are transfixed with wonder at the sight of the lights swirling around in the sky. While you’re waiting for the Northern lights, check out the Santa Claus village. This is a place where scores of people from around the world meet Santa Claus and your kids will absolutely love it.

The Hershey’s Chocolate World, China
Which child wouldn’t love the idea of plunging head first into a world of Chocolate? With bars that are taller than your toddler, it’s an absolute must-visit vacation destination to take your children to! Browse through a huge selection of incredibly decadent Hershey’s treats along with varieties of apparels, toys, accessories, souvenirs and gifts. Go ahead and indulge in some specialty beverages and some sinfully delicious chocolate desserts in their Sweet Spot Cafe. If we’re really honest with ourselves, even we adults will absolutely love to visit here!

Snow Park, Dubai
In the sweltering heat of Dubai, a snow park seems like the perfect relief! Housing over 3,000 square feet of snow, this is the world’s largest indoor snow park! Watch the Marching Penguins which is absolutely sure to delight the kids, and if they are not afraid of heights, hop onto a chairlift with them for a spectacular bird’s eye view of the field of snow. So bundle up the little ones in several warm layers, stick on your snow boots and have a superb family experience!

Travelling with your kids is always fun. However, it is also a big responsibility as well. So make all the preparations for the journey early in advance. Also, make sure that you have a comprehensive travel insurance to safeguard your family from any unforeseen incidents. So get fascinated by the experiences that capture your kid’s fascination and make memories with your family that will last you a lifetime.

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