Top 10 accessories that you need in your car

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Top 10 accessories that you need in your car

Your car would be the place where you spend much of your time aside from your home and workplace. However many of us dread the fact of spending most of the time in our car mainly because it lacks many of the creature comforts you need.

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However, there are many accessories which can actually make your car a better place to spend your time. Whether you are going to a long road trip or on your daily commute, these accessories can make a big difference.

First of all, you need to buy a car which caters all your needs. The next important step is to buy comprehensive car insurance. Purchasing the right auto insurance is as important as buying the car. It acts as your safe guard in the event of any unforeseen incident or any unfortunate accidents.

So here is a list of accessories which could make your car a better place.

Night Vision
Night vision helps to make your journey during night much easier. Using a front mounted infrared camera tied into a dash mounted display; a night vision system lets you see whatever that is in front of you, and that too not just what’s caught in the cone of your headlight beams. Night vision is extremely useful when navigating through dirt roads and narrow winding lanes. Also, living things like people and animals show up especially bright on the thermal imaging camera, making them easy to see and avoid.

Attention Assist 
Attention Assist devices help to improve safety by checking for indicators that the driver is impaired, falling asleep or not driving safely as they should. These devices alert the driver to any potential threat through a buzzing sound, vibration or visual cue. It helps the drivers stay awake by monitoring their steering and speed for indications of fatigue while lane departure warning systems use speed sensors and camera to detect when the driver makes a lane change without signaling.

Parking Assists
Parking assists are a real help which really helps out in your parking woes. The rear parking sensors, emit helpful beeps or display visual cues as you back up, alerting you to otherwise hidden objects. You can even incorporate sport rear and side cameras into a dash mounted display. Some car systems will even park itself, following a few punches on the touch screen.

Remote Start
This technology was once the luxury of expensive cars. But now it is available even for economic cars. Just with the push of a button on your key or smart phone, your car starts up and even heat or cool before you climb in. This can be extremely handy for especially in really hot or cold weathers.

Navigation System
Navigation system is a very essential accessory in your car. It can save you from wasted hours of wandering strange roads or being stuck on an express way after you missed an exit. It can become really handy when your car breaks down in an unknown area as it helps to locate yourself and seek help.

Stereo System
Stereo systems are a must have accessories in your car. There is no better way to drive than grooving to the music. Today’s car stereos offer striking sound quality, surprise power and a dazzling array of options at a wide range of prices. While purchasing, make sure that your stereo integrates with your music player.

Mini Cooler
A mini cooler is an accessory that you should not miss out in your car. You can survive without eating for more than a week, but you can only live for a couple of days without water. Having a cooler not only helps you to survive during when you are stranded, but also helps to store and cool your favorite drinks. So it helps to keep you and your family refreshed during long trips especially during hot summer days.

Non- slip dash pad
These are really small but very useful accessory. The non slip dash pad helps to keep important items visible, within reach and organized. The sticky surface ensures that your items don’t fly across the car during sudden stops.

Tire Inflator and Sealer
This is a very useful accessory especially when your tire gets flat in an area that you think is unsafe. You can easily use it inflate the tire and temporarily bond the rubber in your tire to keep it sealed until you safely drive to a new location and get it repaired.

Emergency Tool Kit
Finally, the most essential accessory that you need to have in your car is the emergency tool kit. While driving, there are a lot of risk factors that can leave you stranded out in nowhere. So you should always keep an emergency kit in your car, with all the necessary items. Also, you should have an emergency first aid kit and necessary medicines, always ready in your car.

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