Tips to reduce vehicle made pollution

16 Mar, 2016 | 0 Comments

Tips to reduce vehicle made pollution

Reduction of emissions is the need of the hour, here are few of our suggestions on how to reduce this phenomenon. And what better way than to start with your own vehicle.

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    • Always keep an eye on the all the liquid levels of the car. This includes the brake oil, engine oils and other lubricants. If the level is reduced to a great extent, then the inside of the engine might face abrasion and gradually lower the overall performance of the car. It will also cause vehicle pollution and a reduced fuel economy statistic.
    • Get the car serviced on regular intervals from an authorized dealership. Proper service can ensures the proper functioning of all the auto parts. Keeping a constant check on all the parts of the car can reduce driving emissions to a great level.
    • Do not over clog the car with excessive luggage. Over loading of the car can result in reduced performance of your car and thereby increase the amount of emissions. The car takes a considerable amount of load when being driven with full luggage and passenger capacity; thus, resulting in vehicle pollution. This load should be minimized as much as possible so as to maintain the goodness of the car for long. So only carry the luggages which are only absolutely necessary.
    • To reduce vehicle pollution, it is crucial to resort to driving patiently and safely. Being rash on the road can be risky for the car as well as other vehicles plying on the road. It is always advised of smoothly operate all the gears and pedals of the car so as to reduce driving emissions and keep the vehicle in good condition.
    • Used cars tends to be the most common source of causing pollution as these models may have worn out mechanical parts. It is recommended to pay special attention to these old models and get them repaired as quickly as possible. Doing this will not only reduce driving emission but will also increase the life-cycle of the car.
    • A very effective method to reduce vehicle pollution is to use hybrid or electric cars. Electric cars run on electricity alone, so they are zero emission vehicles. Hybrid cars use a combination of electricity and fuel to run. While electric cars are the least polluting, both options will help stop pollution. Although they still use some gas to run, hybrid cars have much better fuel economy than regular cars and emit fewer greenhouse gases than traditional car

These tips are sure to reduce emissions of your vehicle and while you put them to practice, it is also very important that you have proper auto insurance to safeguard your vehicle and you against any unfortunate incidents.

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