Secure Your Home Before Going Away This Summer

16 Jun, 2013 | 0 Comments

Secure Your Home Before Going Away This Summer

When you set off to the airport there is often the feeling that something is missing, no matter how organised you are. You might all too often think ''What have I forgotten?''- It could be just your sunglasses or it could be trying to remember whether you’ve locked your front door or not.

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The security of our home is one that we can''t help but think about when we take a trip, and it always seems to be whilst trying to relax abroad. Secure your property in Bahrain with home insurance from RSA before you travel abroad.

UK data shows that around three quarters of all burglaries occur during summer months due to residents being away and other factors but there are ways in which homes can be secured whilst unoccupied:

Keys and Locks

  • Close and secure every window and door ensuring you haven’t left spare keys in a visible place (including car keys, especially if your car is in the garage or parking area of your apartment).
  • Keep the garage or garden shed locked, do not leave garden implements like ladders lying around.

Switches and appliances

  • Turn off the water supply at the mains and drain the domestic hot and cold water system dry by letting the taps run.
  • Unplug all electrical appliances to avoid short circuits and power surges.
  • Close your gas mains to avoid leakages or other accidents.

Reduce attraction to thieves

There are some clear signs that someone is away on holiday and given the opportunity for burglaries, here is how we can avoid such mishaps:

  • Cancel regular deliveries such as newspapers so they don''t build up, especially if you''re planning a trip for more than just a long weekend.
  • And if you can, set indoor lights to a timer to give the impression someone is at home.

Leave your details

  • Leave your insurance documents with a neighbour or friend locally and take a copy of your home insurance away just in case. It may also help to leave details of your trip and contact numbers with someone so that you are informed of any problems sooner, rather than later.

Set your alarm

Insuring your home can give you peace of mind while you''re away, whether you''re planning to adventure halfway across the world, or just visiting relatives nearby. You can’t take all your belongings away with you and even after taking these precautions, unforeseen circumstances can happen. Get your home insurance quote from RSA to protect the possessions you don’t take away with you.

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