Protect Your Planet by Maintaining an Eco-Friendly Car

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Protect Your Planet by Maintaining an Eco-Friendly Car

With natural resources being depleted by the day and pollution on the rise, environmentally conscious actions are fast becoming a requisite in our lifestyles. Being greener does not mean we have to give up on our comfort and luxuries but only requires us to make small changes in the way we do things; driving being one of them.

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With countries around the world promoting the use of public transport, biking and walking wherever possible, the fact remains that cars are a big part of our lives and walking or biking in the scorching heat here in Bahrain is an effort, most of us would prefer to avoid. Here’s how we can make a small yet significant difference while driving on the roads:

  1. Maintain a well oiled machine

    Ensuring that your car is running to the best of its capability and is well maintained is one of the most important rules to being an eco-friendly driver. Regular car maintenance like periodic oil changes, air filter checks and keeping tabs on the health of your engine are all basic steps that one can take.

  2. Avoid idling

    Cars are bad for the environment largely because of the large amounts of gas they consume. Switch off the engine if you are going to be sitting idle or stationary for more than half a minute. Keep your car on neutral mode while waiting for the signal to turn green.

  3. Check your tyre pressure

    Did you know that having the right amount of air in your tyres doesn''t only mean a better and safer ride, but also ensures that your car uses less fuel, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions! Keeping your tyres at the ideal pressure will also ensure optimum mileage when driving.

  4. Maintain a consistent speed limit

    The need to speed and press down hard on the accelerator is a sin of many a driver on the roads in Bahrain. Remember, you aren''t on a race track. Rather than speeding on the highway, follow the recommended speed limit and drive at a consistent and moderate speed in order to preserve your car''s fuel efficiency. It is safer, cheaper and kinder to the precious environment.

As the leading general insurer in the region, RSA takes environmental issues seriously and we make every effort to promote the use of energy efficiently in order to protect the environment. Get your car insurance in Bahrain with RSA and help us in our pursuit of giving back to the planet.

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