Plants That Help Keep Your Home Cool in the Summer

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Plants That Help Keep Your Home Cool in the Summer

Summertime in the UAE means air conditioners running on full steam as you attempt to escape from the searing heat.

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Yet much of the kilowatts you spend could be reduced considerably if we did something as simple keeping indoor plants at home.

Heat isn't the only thing that can cause a homeowner a bother though. Unforeseen circumstances and situations that are out of your control can cause your family and you a lot of discomfort. From robberies to domestic accidents, a whole lot of situations are dealt with through having adequate homeowners insurance. A responsible thing to do, in order to keep your family and home secure, wouldn't you say?

Plants that can help keep your home cool in the summer:

Aloe Vera
Aloe is known more for its restorative and health benefits for dry skin. But this humble, arid weather preferring cactus has some pretty amazing humidifying properties as well. It has been known to rid noxious pollutants like formaldehyde from its surrounding areas. Considering that it isn't the tallest plant on record, you may need a pair or three in order to make a significant difference to the atmosphere around you.

Baby Rubber Plants
These plants are short, stubby and have fleshy leaves. According to botanists, they absorb potentially harmful pollutants and elements including nitrides and harmful toxins like formaldehyde. It is a relatively easy to maintain plant, consumes moderate to low amounts of water to survive. Besides, it is an excellent humidifier and lets out a decent amount of oxygen in its immediate vicinity.

Snake Plants
A snake plant makes an excellent houseplant for more reasons than one. For starters it circulates oxygen 24 hours a day, unlike other plants that do it only during the day. The increase in the oxygen levels means a healthier and cooler home. In order to feel a tangible difference however you will need multiple snake plants in the home, which may pose a problem if your home is a smaller one.

Areca Palm
Consistently rated as one of the best houseplants, the areca palm is an excellent source of oxygen. Known to really clean the environment around it, the areca palm tree, consumes moderate amounts of water and makes an ideal houseplant for the Arabian Peninsula.

Boston fern
Long considered as nothing more than a decorative houseplant, the Boston fern is now being recognised as a valuable contributor in the quest to keep your home naturally cool in the summertime. Ferns are known to radiate oxygen, do not need too much sunlight and consume moderate amounts of water. This makes them an excellent source of ready oxygen and a natural air filter.

Golden Pothos
A close relative of poison ivy, the golden pothos is one of the most prolific plants available as a houseplant. Dense growth being an attribute of this plant means that it will cover more surface area and release even more oxygen into the atmosphere, creating a cool and pleasant environment in the room.

Ancillary benefits of having plants in the home:


  • A sense of peace and tranquillity.
  • A sense of wellbeing.
  • It can seriously up the decor value of the property.

These and many other reasons are exactly why we ought to adopt houseplants.

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