Must have accessories for your car

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Must have accessories for your car

Buying a new car is a big decision. You need to spend a lot of effort and money to buy your dream car. However buying the right car according to your budget and basic necessities is not enough, neither it is complete. A new car is not complete without accessories. Customizing your car with accessories would avail more safety and comfort and brings a feel of being at home.

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However, with a plethora of accessories available in the market, choosing the right one can be quite daunting. So to help you out, here is a list of accessories that you must have in your car. Keep in mind that these are not fancy or luxurious accessories rather are the accessories that you must have in your car.

Car Cover
Everyone wants their car to be clean. The easiest way to ensure it is to buy a car cover. In most cases, car covers would be given free by the dealer. If not, purchase one right away. It doesn’t cost much and it can save a lot of your time on cleaning your car. It protects your car from sunlight, rains, bird droppings, dust, grime and pretty much everything else and also retains the shine of your car’s paint longer. When you are purchasing, make sure that you buy a specific cover for your car which covers the wing mirrors, antenna and fits the length of the vehicle.

Security System
Your car is seen as valuable not only by you but others also. Therefore it is essential to install a safe security system on your car. Most new car comes with an inbuilt security system. If your car doesn’t have a security system, do it at an authorized centre with professionals. Even if you already have a security system, try upgrading it. Install a car tracking device which tracks and locates your coordinates to you on your mobile phone. You can immobilize the car using your phone in case of theft, by sending a message.

Floor mats and air freshener
You will be spending a lot of time in your car, so the interior should give you a pleasant atmosphere. So it is very essential to keep the interiors neat and refreshed. The basic accessories to do it are floor mats and air fresheners. Floor mats keep your car interiors clean and absorb all the water, dirt and filth. There are plenty of varieties available in the market and you can buy one depending on your utility and budget. Rubber floor mats are the durable of the lot, while all-weather mats tend to be costlier.
An air freshener keeps your car fresh and livens up your mood when you are driving your car. It also keeps the stench away especially during the rains. There are a plethora of different types of air fresheners available in the market, with cardboard hanging being the cheapest and least effective while oil wicks and gels, the most effective.

Mobile Holder
Talking on the phone while driving can keep you distracted from the road. However mobile holder can ease your woes of talking on the phone without having to take your eyes off the road. Using the maps on the phone for navigation also becomes extremely by using a mobile holder. You can attach the mobile holder in a way that places the phone in your view. You can take the important calls, ignore the other ones and look for directions without having to stop the car even once.

Parking Sensor
Sometimes, parking could be very difficult, especially in tight parking spaces. A parking sensor can be installed on your car which will assist you while parking. It emits a warning when your vehicle is too close to an obstacle. Certain parking sensors also have a voice guided warning system which guides you in your parking.

These are some of the basic accessories that you need for your car. There are plenty of other accessories which can be used to enhance your car. The above mentioned are the basic accessories which are essential to your car. Also essential is a proper insurance policy for your car. While buying car, it is important to purchase a car insurance policy which will safeguard your car against any potential damages. So make sure you have one.

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