Top Auto Shows around The World

17 Jun, 2016 | 0 Comments

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Auto shows are excellent opportunity to catch a glimpse of all the upcoming hottest automobiles, before it hits the market

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For most people, cars are just machines that help us to get around our destinations in minimum time providing us maximum comfort. But for some it’s much more than that, it’s a work of art, something that combines the best of technology and design. So if there is one thing that unites car enthusiasts from all over the world, its auto shows. 

Auto shows are traditionally the biggest events, EVER, and they attract millions from all over the globe every year. Not only do auto makers use car shows as a platform to promote their latest products, but also to test out ideas and concept vehicles in order to gauge consumer enthusiasm. Essentially, the biggest car shows in the world act as a press conference of sorts. So if you’re the one who pushes the pedal, read this list of the greatest auto shows around the world:

Tokyo Motor Show 
Japan is home to several of the world’s largest car manufacturers, and the Tokyo Motor Show in which producers get the world’s stage to show off concepts, ideas, and the next stage of engineering and design. The show is held on a biennial basis, and brings out car buffs from around the world. The Tokyo Motor Show is known for its high concentration of concept vehicles over traditional production models, making for some pretty interesting entries.

Chicago Auto Show
Chicago Auto Show holds the honor of being the largest auto show in North America. The show is been successfully conducted for the past 107 years. The Chicago Auto Show brings in more than 1,000 vehicles every year for consumers to ogle at, and is held at the McCormack Place convention complex next to Lake Michigan.

Paris Motor Show
Paris Motor Show holds the credit of being the first auto show in the world. In 2014, the Paris Motor Show welcomed 1,253,513 visitors, making it the most visited auto show in the world. The motor show is especially renowned for the various concept cars that are exhibited. The show is conducted biennially with the next one event scheduled on this fall.

International Geneva Motor Show
The city of Geneva has been the center of many international events throughout the history. Now it is host to one of the hottest auto shows in the world. Every March, the city’s Palexpo convention complex becomes home to hundreds of thousands of automotive buffs and industry officials, all vying for a chance to see the latest and greatest the world’s car makers have to offer. The International Geneva Motor Show has become one of the most vital industry events of the year, and often plays host to the debuts of many new production and concept models.

Woodward Dream Cruise
The Woodward Dream Cruise is every car lover’s dream. It’s the world’s largest single day automotive event. More than 30,000 muscle cars, hot rods, and more converge on Woodward Avenue in suburban Detroit, bringing with them spectators that number in the hundreds of thousands. The Cruise has its origins all the way back in 1848 when carriage drivers would race along the roadway. Since then, the road was used for street racing, and now hosts the annual Dream Cruise on the third Saturday of August.

Frankfurt Motor Show
When Germans do something, they do it in the most wonderful way. This holds true for their auto show as well, as the Frankfurt Motor Show is undeniably the king of auto shows. The show’s actual name is Automobil-Ausstellung and has been split into two since 1991. The commercial vehicles are shown in Hannover, Germany on even numbered years and passenger vehicles are exhibited in Frankfurt on odd numbered years. This motor show has its origins in the late 1800’s and evolved to become the greatest auto show in the world today.

So these are some of the greatest auto shows in the world which ever car buffs will absolutely love. However, you should keep in mind that these events attract hundreds of thousands and in some cases millions of visitors. So if you are planning to attend these events, make all the preparations and bookings early. Also it is advisable for you to have a travel insurance cover as it will act as a safety-net for you in the event of any unfortunate incidents.

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