House of 'Little' Horrors – When the Kids Take Over the Home!

14 May, 2013 | 0 Comments

House of 'Little' Horrors – When the Kids Take Over the Home!

We all love our kids or any kids in the family for that matter. Whether it’s their laughter or their constant babbling, it all adds this aura of warmth and love to a home that few other things can rival.

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However, if we must be honest, we can all admit that our tiny toddlers can inadvertently cause quite a bit of damage to our homes! Every parent always has some story to say about the mischief their little darlings get up to. Not something you consider usually when getting a home insurance quote, but definitely something you might want to consider.

According to research statistics, children can cause billions of pounds worth of damage to their homes, throughout their childhood years. Yes, billions! From scribbling on the walls and expensive art work, causing damage to your costly designer sofa, breaking your window while playing outside, to accidental breakage of costly items like that beloved flat screen TV... we have all either seen it happen or know that there is definitely a chance it could!

When we think of home insurance policies, it is something that we purchase to ensure protecting our homes against damages from natural disasters, burglaries, burst pipes and so on. Accidental property damage on the other hand may seem like a smaller risk but over time it can really add up. With all the parties and friends your children are bound to have as they grow older, one can only imagine the state of your house the next day!!! And well, the same applies for adults to who are kids at heart and have lively get-togethers every other weekend.

Ensure your home insurance quote covers accidental damage to property when you speak to your insurance advisor the next time. Remember, a safe home is a happy home.

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