Home Insurance Offers Peace of Mind During Natural Disasters

29 Apr, 2013 | 0 Comments

Home Insurance Offers Peace of Mind During Natural Disasters

In the wake of the earthquake that sent tremors, figuratively and literally, through parts of the Middle East, people are now more than ever waking up to how unpredictable life really is.

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Especially when faced with natural disasters and their inherent unpredictable nature, we are time and again reminded how important it is to protect yourself, your loved ones and your belongings from unforeseen occurrences. Although fortunately no losses, fatalities, injuries and damages were reported in the Bahrain due to the earthquake, it definitely does put aspects like Bahrain home insurance and its different components into a new perspective.

In a country where most of us are expats, the houses we rent or own are our hopes for the future. Therefore, one can only imagine that feeling sudden tremors can quite literally shake our world up. We all need to be a bit more aware of how to ensure we have proactively protected ourselves from such natural occurrences. Here are a few precautionary measures you can take to safeguard yourself and your belongings at home:

  1. Repair any cracks in the base structure of your home such as the foundation and ceiling as soon as you spot them. These are most vulnerable to earthquakes.
  2. Secure all shelving like single shelves and book shelves as well as other wall units with additional reinforcement to your walls.
  3. If you have been forewarned about the possibility of an earthquake, make sure you stow-away all your fragile valuables in cupboards and secure them tightly. Consider moving heavy and expensive electronics and appliances like your TV to a less hazardous position.
  4. Locate beds away from windows and don''''''''t hang heavy items over beds. Closed curtains and blinds will help stop broken window glass from falling on beds.
  5. Keep flammable objects in cabinets or lower shelves.
  6. Ensure you shut off your main gas, water and electricity connections. Left vulnerable, these can lead to major hazards if the power lines have been disrupted during an earthquake.
  7. The safest technique to protect yourself in most situations is to remember the Drop, Cover and Hold Down technique in case of an earthquake. As soon as you feel the tremors, DROP down onto your hands and knees to protect yourself from falling and also giving yourself the option to move if required. Remember to COVER you head and neck to protect yourself from falling debris and it is always advisable to hide under a desk or close to low lying furniture that will not fall on you. Lastly, HOLD ON to your shelter until the tremors stop.

Last but not least, get yourself a home insurance quote and find your preferred options. Apart from taking charge where your home insurance is concerned, do educate yourself and your family members about what to do in case of emergencies and safety measures that can be implemented both indoors and outdoors. It is not just your material possessions at stake but also your peace of mind.

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