Finding the Right Apartment by Asking the Right Questions

10 Oct, 2013 | 0 Comments

Finding the Right Apartment by Asking the Right Questions

Looking for an apartment to rent seems like a much easier task than looking for a home to buy, right? In a bid to hurry up and get accommodation sorted, people often tend to overlook details that can soon make the tenure of your lease a living nightmare!

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While you may step into an apartment and instantly fall in love with the look and energy of the place, set your emotions aside and spend a little time investigating details that can affect your day to day experience, living in your new home.

While you need to consider aspects like location, apartment size, budget, cost for renter’s home insurance in Bahrain and the likes, here are a few questions you must not forget to ask your landlord before signing on the dotted line:

  1. Are there any structural damages I need to be aware of?

    In a hurry to find and move in to an apartment, we often forget to check for damages, both minor and major within the home. Structural damages can be very well hidden with a fresh coat of paint and can easily go unnoticed. Common culprits include water leaks in the walls & roof, damaged doors & windows, faulty electronics & plug points and the ever annoying low water pressure in the loo. Speak to your landlord to clarify what structural damages, if any, exist within the home and ensure they are fixed before you move in.

  2. How much do utilities cost and who pays for them?

    As tenants, we sometimes tend to think that a lateral shift from one apartment to another of the same size will not hurt our wallets in terms of utility bills. Bear in mind that your utility costs depend largely on the equipment that has been installed in your home. Speak to your landlord to get an idea on what your average monthly utility costs will be and whether your landlord will take care of all or part of your expenses. Having a general idea will help you factor these costs into your budget.

  3. What amenities will be available in the apartment / apartment complex?

    You need to first gauge what kind of amenities you really want and need in a home. Do you need a dishwasher or washing machine? Do you want a swimming pool or gymnasium in the apartment complex? Would you prefer a furnished apartment? Do you want an apartment with appliances like a fridge and microwave? Once you have a basic check-list, check with the landlord or apartment complex management to see what they can offer you. And of course, parking options are always good to check on.

  4. Is the neighbourhood safe?

    Safety is definitely a concern that you have to tackle yourself. Make sure you check out the neighbourhood and area to get an idea of the environment and the kind of people living there. We recommend speaking to your future neighbour to get their feedback on living in the area. Lastly, remember to safeguard your belongings with renter''s home insurance in Bahrain that will cover damages and losses to your belongings in the unfortunate case of an accident in your new home.

  5. Are there any restrictions that I need to be aware of?

    Before signing the lease, check for any restrictions that come with your new apartment or the apartment complex. Factors like pets, smoking in the home, cooking of certain foods, painting of rooms and music at night are often subject to restrictions. Be aware to avoid complications.

Write down all your needs and concerns and keep a list on you whenever you are out looking at apartments. Happy home hunting!

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