10 Best Travel Apps for your Summer Getaway

17 Mar, 2013 | 0 Comments

10 Best Travel Apps for your Summer Getaway

The summer is just around the corner. This means it is time to get those suitcases out of the attic and start planning the annual holiday with the family.

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There was a time when traveling to a neighboring state was considered a good holiday, but those days are long gone. With the world becoming smaller, people look forward to traveling to exotic destinations across the world. Direct flights, comfortable space in aircrafts, economic fares, travel deals, and online bookings and the like have made traveling an easy and stress-free affair. All you have to do is select the country for your holiday, buy travel and health insurance from the RSA mobile site, book the air tickets and hotels, and off you go!

When you are planning to spend time in a foreign country, you may have some valid concerns. Some of these may be about communication (in case you do not speak the local language), maintaining connectivity with your relatives back home or the office, knowing the best ways to get around and so on. While most of us browse the Internet for travel tips about the place and gather as much information about it as we can, sometimes it just isn’t enough. This is why you need to get smart and download a few helpful Apps to make your time off count. Here’s a list worth checking out:

  • FlyRights - If you have a complaint against Transportation Security Administration, you can file it using this app on your smartphone.
  • Google Translate - Traveling to a country where the local tongue is foreign to you can be tough. This app lets you translate words as well as sentences to a wide number of international languages. It also has a speaker which gives you the correct pronunciation.
  • Whatsapp - This App is becoming very popular in Asia. It lets you connect with people on your phone’s contact list or chat through WiFi. All you need is the person’s mobile number, provided he has the App on his mobile too.
  • Pocket - This App lets you save videos, web pages and articles to read later. Once the content is saved you don’t even need Internet access to go through it.
  • Swim Guide - A majority of travelers enjoy going to beach destinations, but most don’t explore the area they stay in. Here’s an App that gives you directions to the closest beach, and information on the water quality.
  • Triposo - Why carry bulky guidebooks where you can find all information needed on your phone? Triposo is a fantastic App that takes into account every detail from your exact location to the time of the day and suggests the ideal options for spending the day.
  • Twitter - You might already have it on your smartphone, but are you using it? Put it to work for finding last minute deals on flights, hotels, and travel and health insurance.
  • TripIT - You no longer have to carry a hundred print-outs of hotel and flight confirmations. Simply forward all your confirmation mails to your account and TripIT will organize them into a fair itinerary.
  • Yelp - This one comes highly recommended. No matter where you are, it can find whatever you need; from a restaurant to a hospital, and even the closest flower shop, designer stores and more.
  • FlightBoard - This is an iphone app that shows the arrivals and departures board for any airport in the world. Pretty handy for long travels and connecting flights.

These should be enough to give you a well informed and stress-free holiday!

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